Improvisaciones por Karen Langevin pro-fondo proyecto OJO AL DETALLE

24 y 25 de mayo 2012

El jueves 24 y el viernes 25 de mayo 2012

tenemos el privilegio de presentar en el taller teatro Y no había luz un trabajo en proceso de la excelente bailarina Karen Langevin. Este trabajo es una recaudación de fondos para el proyecto OJO AL DETALLE que se espera que este listo para octubre/noviembre de este mismo año. Invitamos a todos los amantes de la danza y a todo el publico que nos sigue a disfrutar y compartir con nosotros esta presentación especial!!

8:00 pm

En el TallerTeatro Y No Había Luz

$8.00 donativo sugerido

Todas las aportaciones harán posible el proyecto


donde participan Karen Langevin, Sylvia Bofill, Eduardo Alegría (luces), Jorge Castro (sonido) y Sally Torres Vega (vestuario).

PARA MAS INFO: (787) 630 1559

GRACIAS y rieguen la voz!!!!!!

Eye for Detail is a movement piece that deals with the perception of sight; how we see what we see is not necessarily what we see and vice versa. Perception, being highly personal, undoubtedly influences the light that shines into our eyes. My goal is for the audience to experience the perception of sight as a variable that is transformed by time and information.

Eye for Detail is a project that intently examines movement, allowing the audience to examine how movement is simultaneously seen and perceived and how it is conceptually understood.  As a performer, I strive for the ability to craftfully guide the eye/mind of the viewer to see, experience and perceive a predetermined platform.  What happens to our mind and our sensory systems when we observe movement?  What elements in movement help us decide who or what we are observing?  The project seeks full audience participation. Eye for detail is an opportunity to look at what we do the most, yet what we’re least cognizant of.

All donations will go toward artists fees, pre-production, and post production expenses.

The players in this proyect are Sylvia Bofill as co-director and writer, Ernesto Rodriguez (lighting designer), Sally Torres Vega (costume designer), Jorge Castro (sound designer), and Karen Langevin (mover and director). We are showing this proyect as a work in progress in May and the finished product in November in a small local theatre. Production costs involve paying for the theatre, lighting, costumes, sound, props, advertisement and proyect documentation. At a minimum we need $3,000.00 to barely cover all these costs and to get the proyect started. Also doing some local fundraising and hoping to sell the house out. Making art in Puerto Rico is a labor of love, dedication and passion. Government funding is non-existant as per the last few years, so artistic work of this type is not seen very often anymore.  Experimental artists are leaving the country to do and show their work. Staying here is an uphill battle. Presenting this work is resistance to this cultural crumbling and a conviction that we can still create with dedication and persistance (necessity IS the mother of invention……)

If you can’t donate pass it forward!!!!

Talk about it, come see it, spread the word. We are here and we are working/creating/investigating/doing!!!!

Thank you.

Karen Langevin teaches the Alexander Technique, yoga and improvisation. She has a BA in dance and anthropology from California State University at Long Beach and is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique from ACAT since 1994. She has been studying, investigating and researching movement for over 25 years; the last 15 dedicated to improvisation. She lived in NYC where she performed with various artists (Stephanie Skura, Viveca Vázquez, Karl Anderson, among others) and presented her own work. She has also lived, taught, and presented her work in Arizona and spent a year and a half teaching in Kenya and Ethiopia. She is part of the faculty at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico as an Alexander Teacher, teaches yoga to different populations and has her own private practice. Locally, she has presented, together with Eduardo Alegría and Lydia Platón, DE LA MANGA (an improvisation series) in the Salvador Brau Theatre and Teatro Estudio Yerbabruja. She presented ATLAS CONSENTIDO, a full evening work, at Teatro Estudio Yerbabruja and QUE HACER in Homenaje a la Mentira y la Muerte in the Café Teatro Araba and Teatro Estudio Yerbabruja. Karen participated in Foro Perfomática 2008 in Puebla, Mexico in the Universidad de las Americas as an improvisor and teacher. Recently, she worked with Teresa Hernández in CORAJE presented in the Victoria Espinoza Theatre and various local universities. She currently resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico, improvising, teaching and raising Eva and Diego.

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